Progress updates provided through aerial drone imagery is a beneficial tool for staying on schedule and in turn keep the project from going over budget. Drone imagery can be shared with project managers as well as stakeholders and investors who’re interested in keeping tabs on the project as well.


Aerial images provide a broader perspective of solar farms and allow maintenance teams to receive valuable information in real-time. When analyzing thermal images, it is easier to identify potential anomalies across cells, strings, or panels. Combining thermal and visual data helps you determine if the heat anomalies are caused by faults found physically on the panel, such as delamination, cracks, dust, or internal issues such as the inability to connect to a panel due to an inverter or cable failure.


As renewable wind power grows in demand, wind turbine drone inspection continues to play a critical role in prolonging the service life of wind farms. Wind turbines require routine maintenance and inspections to prevent wear and tear, which can reduce the efficiency and lifespan of a turbine’s structural components.